The Photostick USB On Mobile

We’ve all tried to use a computer on its last legs, and the experience is anything but fun. Whether the machine freezes up as soon as you try to connect to the internet, or it just takes forever to open applications, an outdated device usually causes more problems than it promises to remedy. When it comes to old phones, speed isn’t the only issue as reliability begins to become questionable. Many people carry hundreds of photos with them at any given point in time which can be easily lost should a mobile device fail. Fortunately, there is a very handy device that may just for this purpose. The Photostick can be plugged directly into just about every mobile phone to allow the user to download all of their media and digital content with ease.

One of the most common things people do on their mobile devices is taking pictures. Whether it’s for work or for play, for social media or for their own personal use, modern mobile technology has made photographers of us all. It is now easier than ever to take as many pictures as we want, day or night, and in just about any scene imaginable. Of course, all of these developments are wonderful, but it does lead us to a new kind of problem. Where do we put the hundreds, if not thousands of photos that we take?

Digital media backup

There are two basic options which are cloud storage is digital data backup devices. Cloud storage can be a very convenient option as photos can be automatically synced up to the cloud but entrusting all of your photos to a company isn’t always the most attractive plan. Not only can it be quite expensive but you never know what the company is going to go out of business to lose all of your precious photos.

In our opinion, off-line storage is the best long-term solution for those who truly cherish the photos they take. Not only can the photos be saved and high resolution, but the owner can make as many backups as necessary to ensure that the photos never get damaged or lost. The question is, how do we get the photos from the device to an off-line digital storage unit?

The Photostick

The Photostick comes in a couple of different flavors. There is one for iPhone and one for Android devices. The iPhone variant works seamlessly with any mobile iOS device, including iPads, while the Android version has connections for both micro USB and USB-C. The device-ready connections mean all that is required is for you to plug the device into your mobile phone when you are ready to download all of your photos.

The Photostick couldn’t be easier to use. Once you plug the Photostick USB into your device, all that is required is to run the program that is built into the device itself. There is no need to download any apps or go to any specific webpages to make Photostick do its job. Everything is built right into the Photo stick. Once the onboard program is launched, users have the option to start the software. The Photostick USB then finds and downloads all of the digital media on your device. Once the download is complete.

Final thoughts

For anyone serious about holding on to their memories, the Photostick provides a good alternative to backing up images to cloud services. The entire process is simple to set up and even easier to use, and once the images have been backed up there are quite a few useful features to help keep things organized. All in all, the Photostick is certainly worth a look.

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