Virtual reality has a new frontier in the world of technology; that is why companies are investing more in this technology to improve it; although it is still in its infancy, many people have already had the opportunity to use it. However, before using this headset and mounting the phone to use virtual reality, you should know how to use Virtual Reality directly.

The following guide will show you all the basics of VR headsets and how to use VR headset with Android, iPhone, and PC to enjoy the experience yourself.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality and 360 videos are growing in popularity. We already see big brands create these immersive experiences for their campaigns.

Virtual Reality Headsets are the next big thing in tech. With many options to choose from, VR headsets are creating a fast-growing industry. The most popular VR headsets are Google Cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift. Google Cardboard is a cheap and straightforward way to experience VR without spending a fortune. The VR technology is impressive, and it’s only going to get better with time.

How does Virtual Reality work?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that creates an environment and simulates a user’s physical presence in that environment. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with features or items found there. Virtual reality essentially combines video games and movie watching into one addictive experience.


What is Virtual Reality Headset?

VR headsets are the bulky black glasses you wear on your head, and they look like a scuba diver’s mask. They’re bulky because they have a lot of software and hardware inside that powers the virtual world.

The wearer’s movement becomes the character’s movement, and the wearer is immersed in their own world. The point of view is entirely accurate, so if you move your head to the left, your character in the game will do the same.

How to use Virtual Reality Headset?

A VR headset needs hand controllers and good headphones to complete the VR experience. One important thing is being able to control it all. Plus, by using a good set of headphones, you can make the sound feel as accurate as possible, which will help you feel like you’re actually in the game.

How to set up Virtual Reality?

Get access to the VR app on your phone.

If you need a virtual reality app, check out the Play Store or App Store. Type “VR” in the search bar on either of those stores. You can also check if your phone is compatible with Google Cardboard by installing a free app (such as Google’s VR Check app) from either store.

How to set up Virtual Reality?

Place your phone on the headset.

Wear the VR headset with your phone mounted inside. Once you are sure that your phone is securely mounted and held tightly in place, close the front door of the headset. The doors lock in place when closed. This happens automatically when you put on your headset.

Wear the VR headset with your phone

Start the VR App

Using your GearVR, access a VR app on your phone. Make sure that before mounting the phone in the headset, you connect it via Bluetooth to the hand controller.

Adjust the screen

The first step is to open up the VR app. Once it’s open, you will see a line in the center. This line represents half of both your screens. Align the line with the center of the VR mount on your headset so each side of your eyes sees an equal view. Again, you can adjust the spacing by untightening and moving each lens separately until it aligns perfectly with your eyes. You can also change the focus with a knob on the side of the headset.

3, 2, 1… Game Time!

Tadaa! You are all set to get the best experience of your gaming!

How to create a Virtual Reality world?

Build and Connect a Virtual World takes you through the steps for using the 3D World Editor to create your own virtual worlds. It’s a step-by-step tutorial for people who want to learn about using the 3D World Editor to build their own virtual worlds.

The tasks associated with creating a virtual world include:

  • Building a virtual world using the 3D World Editor
  • Connecting the virtual world to host computers and rendering devices

How does Virtual Reality work with phones?

These days, it’s straightforward to experience virtual reality. All you need to do is slip your smartphone into a VR headset and download the apps or games that interest you. The smartphone acts as both the display and processing unit, so the VR experience only improves with better hardware.

How to use Virtual Reality Headset with iPhone?

If you have a VR viewer, download the VR apps for iPhone from the App Store and put your iPhone inside. Put the viewer to your eyes, and you’re in virtual reality. Depending on what kind of hardware you have and the app you’ve downloaded, you might or might not be able to interact with the content.

How to use Virtual Reality Headset with iPhone

How to use VR headset with PC?

Enter VR as you would launching an app on your phone. There are a few different headset types available, and they’re precise to what you plan on doing in VR. Modern VR headsets come in two categories: tethered or standalone. Tethered headsets like the HTC Vive Pro 2, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index are physically connected to a PC or PS4.

Last but not least….

When you are buying a VR headset, an essential aspect to consider is the comfort of your experience. You can see various VR headsets available in the market, and they vary in quality and performance. However, before you buy a VR headset, make sure that it has a high-quality component and can provide an excellent user experience.

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