You can fix your iPhone by force restart if it’s showing any problems (glitches) like lockups, freezes or iPhone stuck. You can fix your iPhone in only few seconds. The phone is only rebooted and data is not abolished in any case. Just forget the old procedure, here is a quick method to recover your phone.

Newer iPhone don’t come with home button. Only three buttons are responsible for all the functions i.e. volume up and down buttons and side button which is called power button. Hard reset is resetting of the phone and it don’t delete the data.

Factory reset have such reset processes that erase data and phone become in the factory state. Factory reset, is formatting. It resets your phone like you first purchase it. For hard reset iphone 11 press volume up and down buttons on the left side of the phone and then side button for a long.

This is a bit tricky method to quick hard reset iphone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max. Once you remember this process it will easy to go and use. Using this method you’ll be able to repair such glitches in your iPhone by your own. One thing to remember is that volume up and down buttons should not be press at the same time but in sequence. After this a long press of few seconds will help to restart your iPhone and Apple’s logo will appear on the screen.


One will try to solve the issues by hard reset first, sometimes problem get solved, sometimes one isn’t able to sort out the errors so he/she has to work with software tools. Hard reset iphone 11 can get their problems solved like,  frozen, iPhone stuck, black or white screen, hangs etc. Iphones can be hard reset if physically not damaged by physical tuning using buttons. It’s a basic artistry to resort your iPhone. Hard reset can also recover the damaged or crashed apps in the iPhone.

In case, you want to know how to take screen record on iPhone you can read this guide.

Factory reset of the iPhone will format it completely, if someone is going to transfer or sell his/her iPhone, so the data will be deleted. The phone will become in the factory state and all data and content will be saved. Hard reset or hard restart of iPhone 11 is also called force reboot or restart. Reset by buttons will not damage data in the phone. Force reset is quickly turns off and on the phone. In this, your phone is forcefully turns off and quickly backs on and the data in the phone will not be concerned (saved).

For hard reset iphone 11 you have to go with physical use of the phone:

  • Press the volume up button and release quickly.
  • Again press the button but this time volume low button and release it.
  • And final step is long pressing of the side button/ power button for 10-15 seconds until Apple logo is shown on screen.

You have to keep pressing the side button until you see Apple logo even if you see  ‘ Slide to power off ‘ on the screen.  If you see any problem all is not lost.

Factory reset is formatting the phone and bringing it in a new state like when you first buy it while hard reset is the activity done with volume and side buttons.

Factory reset your phone by using functions:

Method 1

ipiccy image 10

First of all, go to the ‘Settings’ and open up the ‘General’ and tap to the ‘Reset’.

After this, select ‘Reset all Settings’ from the options.

The next step is to enter password and then confirm it.

Method 2

ipiccy image 9

Go to ‘Settings’ and open ‘General’ and tap on the ‘Reset’.

Then select ‘Erase all content and setting’.

Enter password and confirm it. Your phone is recovering now.

Connect your iPhone to your computer by a USB cable and press and release quickly volume up button then press volume down button and release it. After this, press and hold side button until you see Apple logo on the screen. Continue pressing until you see computer logo on the screen of your phone.

Open iTunes installed in your computer. There will be messages related to updating or restoring iPhone. Choose ‘Restore’ and then click ‘restore and update’.

All the data is erased and device will become is in factory class.

How to factory reset iphone 11 without password

If your phone is locked, to factory reset your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max you can use iTunes or iCloud. You can factory reset your iPhone without password if you don’t have a computer by using Find My App. Factory reset will delete all the data present in the phone.  

Let your locked iPhone 11 factory reset without password through a software tool. Your iPhone can be unlocked by iTunes in a few seconds. Resetting will be done by removing all the data. For this, you need a USB cable and computer.

In this method, first of all Install the app and connect your phone and computer via USB cable.

Then, head on ‘Unlock screen password’ and put your phone in recovery mode. Use volume buttons, press and rapidly release the volume up and down buttons. Keep in mind you don’t need to press these buttons at same time.

Screenshot 8

After this step, press side button until you see ‘Recovery Mode’ on the screen of your iPhone.

Now follow the instructions shown on the screen and wait for downloading of firmware.

Click ‘Unlock’ for factory reset your iPhone 11.

This resetting process will erase all the contents saved in your iPhone.

During the whole process, keep connecting your phone to computer with a USB cable for completing the task.

Factory reset your iPhone 11 without computer or iTunes or iCloud

One need various iOS devices that are signed in your Apple ID.

Open ‘Find My app’ on iOS on your iPhone.

Then, click on ‘Devices’ and tap at the middle, bottom of the screen of your iPhone.

Choose your iPhone among the devices and tap it.

After this, go down and tap ‘Erase this device’, follow the directions and instructions.

Go ahead to next option and tap Erase this device.


This article gives information about hard reset iphone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max. Factory resetting of iPhone 11 without password is also discussed to handle glitches and other issues within the phone by using iTunes and iCloud.

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