Smart Heads Up Display Motorcycle Helmets For Ride -The Great Invention

Heads up display is an advanced feature in technology that shows data on a transparent screen without distracting rider’s visual point. Smart motorcycle helmet HUD is a revolutionary product that offers information while focusing on road. An apparatus (kit) attached to the helmet presents directions with Global Positioning System GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Camera, Google Maps, Music, Articulated Utterance etc. and is also hands-free so that the rider reach the destination and be safe at same time. Heads up displays have been used by aircrafts, so pilots didn’t require to look away from their directions. Hence, with time, technology worked out and HUD come to helmets for vehicles on roads.

Computer system contacts it and shows data or information in the form of images or symbols on a translucent screen in front view. It predicts information for riders in their optical axis by showing calculations and data on screen that can be seen through Windshield. It also informs other information, for instance, about time and speed. It is multitasking. Camera is fitted in front that can capture accidental shoots while driving. It also gives awareness of the blind spots so people be aware of it and prevent serious kind of accidents. It is beneficial in recognition of hazards and their location.

Smart motorcycle helmets has bluetooth or wireless sensors that make aware of danger. In spite of this, there’s no need of carrying a cell phone, with a single command you can either make, accept or reject calls. It gives information of weather navigation. Intercom and FM radio are installed in HUD smart motorcycle helmets that help as communication system.

There are several types of such helmets discussed below:

Harley Davidson Boom Audio No 2

Harley Davidson is one of the most popular smart helmet since the beginning of 1900s. This is best selling and full faced helmet. It is designed with an oval shaped structure and weighs about 3 pounds. This smart heads up display helmet is not based on a complicated setup but simple and protective. It has Bluetooth connectivity of 4.1 and can be connected to smartphone and other riders (up-to 16 riders). Connection with phone can play music and can communicate. It is stuffed with fiberglass and not heavyweight. It is designed in a way to avoid weather hazards. Forehead and chin exhausts keep mist away and saves riders concentration on the road.

Heads up display motorcycle helmets
Harley Davidson Boom Audio No 2

There’s Mesh intercom system of 30K, a voice activated process which also connects the riders while driving. Due to the presence of FM radio riders enjoy music and is also provided by other updates. Bluetooth connectivity allows calls and music when connected to mobile phone. Harley Davidson HUD has ability to connect 16 number of people via Bluetooth on riding.

Jarvish (Jarvish X,  Jarvish X-AR)

Jarvish – a Taiwan based company, established in starting 2019. These are two helmets with free smart features Jarvish X and Jarvish X-AR, stylish and lightweight. They are full faced helmets and keep rider safe and be focused on the road by lighten up its features. Jarvish HUD is structured vastly for air circulation from top and the chin area. Both Jarvish X and Jarvish X-AR have cameras in front for visibility. In addition to this, speaker and microphone held for voice control.

Smart Heads Up Display Motorcycle Helmets For Ride 3

Voice activation feature allows rider to make and receive call and play music. Battery timing of Jarvish X is about 6 hours and it weighs 3.08 lbs. and Jarvish X-AR is about 4 hours and weighs 3.75 lbs. It exhibits about time, compass for direction and weather. Jarvish helmets are furnished with rear camera which provides 360° visibility on road during ride. Voice activated heads up display is operated by voice controller  which commands, and it functions in response. The Bluetooth intercom, speaker and microphone serves one with quality practices. The heads up display results in reduction of environmental sounds.

Cross Helmet X1

Cross helmet heads up display weighs about 1920 g and is supplied with rearview camera with a safety light of color white. This also can be controlled by voice controller and battery runs for 4-6 hours in a single charge. It exposes information about route and directions, time and weather. It is sound restrained and either enhance or reduce voices outside and environmental noise. Crosshelmet is one of the smartest motorcycle helmets. Even in worst lighting conditions, the depiction of image is crystal clear.

Screenshot 4

It is supposed that the Cross Helmet HUD is stolen from science fiction movies due to its smartest and crispy attributes. Rear view camera shut out blind spots completely and give 360° vision in single gaze. LEDs on both sides intensifies view at night while riding. Touch or tap ability controls calls and music fastly and can order google smart assistant (Alexa, Siri etc).

These smart HUD motorcycle helmets cab be connected to smart phones wirelessly. One can enjoy all smart phone’s functions (calls, music etc) without getting phone out in his/her hand. HUD enables to conference calls during ride and controls all the communication functions/systems.

NUVIZ – Heads up display

NUVIZ an advanced development in Heads Up Displays, which can also be connected to Bluetooth and its another important constituent is remote controller attached to this. It also displays information on a translucent screen. There’s no need to have navigation device on the handlebars because navigation is the best feature in NUVIZ HUD. This smart heads up display uses voice instructions with headset and put away your smartphone during ride and prohibits interference. Riders are completely focus on the road and avoid quick glance on speed meter or navigation this also negates distractions. Another important peculiarity is microphone which controls communication.

Screenshot 6

The front view camera permits to record documentation of one’s way by capturing photos and videos that can be share anywhere on social media platforms. These stuffs are saved in SD card and transferred to one’s phone. Smart Motorcycle heads up display reduces the risk of diversions and helps in controlling accidents.  Riders, while riding can easily assemble mental concentration on their ways.

Sena Momentum Inc pro.

Sena Momentum is bluetooth enabled heads up display motorcycle helmet. It has bluetooth capability of 4.1. The smart heads up display helmet weighs about 1.75 kg or 3lbs. This can also be activated by Mesh intercom and obeys commands given and also helps in talking to other riders while on ride. Sena Momentum has 20 hours talking ability.

Screenshot 9

This smart helmet can fight with weather conditions, can be wear in fog and smoke. Sena Momentum has Ultraviolet resistance and it worked as smoke shield. It is controlled by voice commands and covers group intercom. This Smart heads up display motorcycle helmets is noise controller and keep riders to be focused on focal point. Ventilation system in this helmet is useful and keep wind and other noise out of the helmet for safety.

CARDO – Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display

This smart heads up display links your smartphone via Bluetooth and has easy setup. CARDO is amicable to Android and iOS and has 13 hours battery timing when once fully charged. It takes 4 hours to be fully charged. This HUD enables you to make call, enjoy music and also provided one with route Maps.

Screenshot 12

Related information is shown in front screen, a clear display, so there are less chances of one’s distraction from the central point. This Smart motorcycle helmet heads up display is rich in camera and music features. HD camera shoots videos of adventures and routes during drive. This is an easy task to set up and use. CARDO HUD can be connected to other riders (from 2-15). It has bluetooth capability of 5.1. DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication) intercom can connect upto 15 riders. It is dust and noise free.

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