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Thanks to the GPS (or similar functions) of mobile phones, it is possible to locate a lost or stolen person or device. Activation of the service is simple and can be done via email or even remotely with an app.

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How to find a phone or user on Android

Remote location can be done through Android Device Manager or through an app like Lost Android.

How to find someone or a phone on iPhone and BlackBerry

For the iPhone or BlackBerry, there are two possibilities. For an iOS device use the iCloud website. For BlackBerry, you can find your device through BlackBerry Protect.

The mobile device is something present in the day of many The contrarians. According to Anatel data, in July 2019 there were 234.7 million active mobile phones. It is estimated that there are more functioning devices of this nature than inhabitants in the national territory. So information on this topic never hurts. And in this article we will explore how it is possible to track mobile.

Tracking your phone through IMEI is useful when you have lost your device or stolen it. A study by the Federal District Civil Police Union showed that more than one device is stolen per hour. So it never hurts to know how to protect yourself from these life’s misfortunes.

Here are tips to help you learn how to find your mobile phone through IMEI, either iOS or Android. In addition, we will also show you the top apps that offer tracking service to your users.

How to find my phone by Google number?

What few users know is that Google offers a free mobile phone tracker service. And it works for both iOS and Android. All you have to do is have the phone number you want to track registered in your account on the site. And don’t forget to have a Google account linked to it. This will access the My Account session, where you can click Find Your Smartphone and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • First step to tracking by Google account
  • Second step to track by Google account
  • Third step to tracking by Google account

In Google’s mobile find system you can find and lock your smartphone. In addition, you can also call your mobile phone, sign out of your account on your mobile device. If you need to know that you can even contact your service provider. All this service is free. It is remembering that you need to allow location access on your mobile.

Another feature that many people who want to know how to track a cell phone look for is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). Translated, it is an identification code for mobile devices.

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