Conclusion – best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2022

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a revolutionary change in the field of communication. It is an excellent way for the riders to communicate with others without facing any troubles. Even if you are driving a bike at high speeds, you can easily integrate the helmet with the Bluetooth speakers.


A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers is the most convenient and practical helmet. It has Bluetooth wireless technology that can be connected to your mobile phone and Bluetooth speakers in the helmet so you can listen to music while riding.

Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Which Bluetooth comms should I buy? This is a hotly debated topic even among professionals, but it’s essential to understand the two main types. Namely, there is “daisy-chain pairing,” and then there are the newer (and better) “direct link” mesh systems.

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Bluetooth communications use a type of pairing known as “daisy-chaining,” Each communicator piggy-backs off the one before it. One of the significant downsides here is that if one of the riders disconnects from the group, the rest of the riders’ communicators in the daisy chain will disconnect. For example, if I am connected to my bike, and then someone else breaks the connection, my bike and I are no longer communicating. In short, when the chain is broken, you have to reconnect it to communicate with other riders manually.

Another downside to this system is that the more people in the system, the weaker the signal will be. This means that every time the connection is broken or you switch off the comm system, it must be manually rebooted and reconnected to your smartphone (and your partner’s communicator).

On the other hand, with newer, more-advanced mesh systems, each communication hub acts as a node in a network of nodes and can constantly and autonomously connect to other nearby communication hubs in the best and most efficient way possible. This kind of software is a web rather than a chain. Additionally, you can use any of a myriad of specific communication channels. In contrast to Bluetooth systems, which must be paired every time they’re turned on or back in range when they’re left unused for a while, these don’t need to be reconnected every time.


The Impulse is a modular helmet that accommodates Sena’s new, state-of-the-art comm system. It features a composite fiberglass shell and a retractable sun visor. It can pair with up to two dozen other riders, and its maximum range is 5 miles. It has an optional magnetic charging port and supports integration with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. It can connect to Sena’s new Magpogo Bluetooth accessory and features a high-quality reproducer and microphone made by Harman Kardon.

This helmet comes with physical buttons embedded into the left side and an L.E.D. Taillight that makes it visible to other drivers while you’re on the road.

Best Full-face Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


Torc introduced the Torc Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, which is now 20 percent lighter than before. It still provides even more excellent protection than similar helmets that are heavier, thanks to its use of EPS tech.

It is a full-face Bluetooth motorcycle helmet compatible with most riders’ heads and faces because it has an oval shape. Exploit Bluetooth 2.0 and multi-device connection capabilities with your smartphone, which feeds Bluetooth audio and digital noise cancellation from speakers inside the helmet. A DSP filter delivers quality music through your headphones while riding with this integrated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Icon Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


ICON’s carbon helmet is made with an advanced shell that’s composition is a hand-laid carbon composite. It’s also lined with a removable sweat-wicking hydradry interior, which can be cleaned in the washing machine when needed. Nine intake and seven exhaust ports allow for excellent airflow, and the carbon helmet is available in two different colors, or it can be purchased in clear form. The helmet comes with a racing shield or one of two spoilers. All of these accessories are easily removed using ICON’s rapid-release system.

HJC Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


ipiccy image 14

MotoGP technologies inspire H.J.C.’s RPHA 90S Carbon helmet. It features the same P.I.M. shell construction as H.J.C.’s top-of-the-line RPHA 11 Pro race helmet, ultra-strong carbon fiber, and carbon glass hybrid. The modular moto helmet also features a central, one-touch opening/closing chin bar, a pin lock equipped face shield, and a 3D-engineered, noise reducing, ergonomic interior with a moto eyewear-friendly EPS design. The liner has quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial properties.

Scorpion Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


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Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet is the Swiss army knife of helmets. It includes all the groundbreaking features from Scorpion’s “touring helmets” that riders love — and it can still be used as an off-road helmet, even with a modular chin bar attached. The Ever clear anti-fog face shield lets you see clearly in all types of weather, and the Speed view drop-down internal sun visor keeps your vision clear and ready for whatever comes next. You can remove the peak visor if you want to bug out at speed with a more aerodynamic profile. With eyeglass-compatible cheek pads and KwikWick II liner, Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet is a comfortable helmet.

Arai Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


The Arai QV-Pro is a street helmet designed to work well for street riding, touring, and sports riding. It has an elongated design suited to riders with longer, narrower heads. If you struggle to find a helmet that fits you well and provides the proper protection, this helmet might work for you.

Sena momentum Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


Because this motorcycle helmet is Bluetooth-enabled, you can activate its Mesh Intercom Technology with just a button push. Open Mesh lets you talk to riders as long as they’re within a mile. You can also wear it in environments with fog or smoke. The helmet’s three-ventilation system allows cool air to flow through on each side while helping to trap dust and other debris before they get inside. It comes with Pinlock anti-fog lenses that prevent fog buildup and maintain excellent visibility on the road. To keep your eyes protected against sunlight and smoke, the helmet lets you put on a UV-resistant visor or a smoke shield.

Shoei Bluetooth motorcycle helmet


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This successor to Shoei’s now-iconic GT-Air helmet is made for maximal performance and comfort. The new version of this Japanese helmet has a more aerodynamic design, a molded spoiler, a multi-ply Matrix Advanced Integrated Plus shell, and a multi-piece EPS liner. It is offered in three sizes and has a drop-down sun shield, CNS‑1 three-dimensionally curved face shield, micro-ratcheting chin-strip, and emergency quick release system. This helmet also has foam cheek pads for added comfort.


Which Bluetooth helmet is the best?

Answer: All the brands like Sena, Arai, Torc, ICON, HJC, and Shoei are giving each other a very tough competition regarding technology, comfort, advancement, and price affordability. So, it’s quite a challenging moment to make a final verdict about the best. Our detailed review with the buying guide will let you decide before buying the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers.

Do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets play music?

Answer: Yes, Bluetooth helmets have music playback capabilities, which means the headset inside them can connect to your phone to play the phone’s music and link to a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player. However, the music quality likely won’t be as good as what you’d get from a good pair of earbuds or headphones.

Which is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for music?

Answer: ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Mp3 Intercomhelmet is the best for music. It has two high-quality built-in speakers with full stereo sound to enjoy communication or music while riding.

Can you install Bluetooth in motorcycle helmet?

Answer: Yes, FreedConn’s TCOM-SC headset allows you to add Bluetooth to your existing motorcycle helmet.

What are the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music?

Answer: OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet Drop-In Headphones are universally compatible, lightweight, great built speakers with extraordinary bass and audio performance.

Conclusion – Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2022

Motorcycle helmets are designed and constructed to provide the rider with protection during a crash, but many also offer Bluetooth technology for riders. Use these helmets to talk on your phone, listen to music, or even receive directions. You may also be interested in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker kit if you want to play your music directly from your phone.

It will be no surprise if we claim QUIN MCQ as the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet in 2022.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Quin helmet is the integrated Bluetooth communication system. The button controls to the right of the chin bar make it easy to pick up calls and activate Siri while riding. A built-in microphone enables hands-free voice commands, whether you want to control your music or ask a question to Siri. To help you stay safe, you’ll also receive alerts for incoming calls and texts if you are in an accident. Suppose you can’t reach your phone before it runs out of battery after a crash. In that case, the helmet’s S.O.S. beacon will automatically send text messages to your emergency contacts with G.P.S. coordinates. Best of all, all these features are integrated into a vintage-style helmet with a pinstriped exterior.


Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth speakers are becoming a more common sight on the roadways. Riders want to hear their music on their bikes, and they want to listen to it. There are two types of motorcycle helmet speakers that are available.

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